What • Why • is an arch over a collective of social projects.

Found in 2010 and quietly nurtured over the years by Morael Lulu. A dreamer, writer and a multipotentialite in the making.

The initial spark began with creative writing, a love for literature and arts, and a calling for languages.

Branching out into conscious initiatives to raise awareness for the fields of epistemic institutions and value processes. is not any one thing, it is many fields, many people, many groups, woven together into a fabric where essential, long-term humanist causes can exist together and grow.

The objective is to continually improve consciousness, advocating for lifelong learning and mindful vocations. This can be done when like-minded individuals gather and put their collective brainpower together to achieve initiatives that each are passionate about, cross-stitching between skills and interests. wants to call all lovers of knowledge, academics, artists, scientists alike to create, pushing boundaries and existing limitations over a lifetime.

💡 Areas of Interest

• Epistemic Institutions
• Values & Reflective Processes
• Education
• Social Aid


Creative, academic, technical, scientific, business, you name it. You can write anything and everything. Each and every piece of writing is created uniquely, each distinct in voice and individuality and should be celebrated as such.

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Language Revitalisation

A branch of Linguistics that focuses on the languages that are falling silent, recording their existence and eventually revitalising silent and endangered languages.


Carpe Lighthouse artist collective.


Carpe Librum Bookstore is a digital mobile library, where books are sold for a fraction of the market price to ensure that education and knowledge is accessible for everyone.
Financial aid is available upon request.

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August Studio

Creative Direction & Branding.

Proofreading, copyediting and format editing for independent works of literature.

Creative & technical writing services on niche industries available.

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Multipotentialite Collective

A sanctuary for individuals who are inclined to two or more disciplines/ fields. Whether intellectual, artistic, or business oriented, your pursuits matter.

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Project Consulting

Project Management.
Creative Direction & Branding.
Operations Consultant.
Company & Workpace Organisation.

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Sky Light Mission

Advocating awareness for climate change and endangered animals conservation.

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