Welcome to mundus meus. That’s Latin for my world. 

To try and narrate who I am would be to chronicle the plethora of things I identify as. Nearly impossible.

Alas, we always have to start somewhere.

The About page, click here, is a noteworthy place to start.

INFP. Virgo ☀, Sagittarius ☾, Gemini ⇡. HD 2/4 Manifesting Generator.

Here, you’ll find my first ever blog post.

Here is the Directory, where you’ll be able to navigate where I exist on different platforms.

Namely Instagram, where I post my poetry under the pseudonym Morael Elior, more singing and a myriad of other things on my Highlights, and where you glimpse my life on a daily basis. Wattpad, where I wrote practice fanfictions and miscellaneous unfinished story drafts, Pinterest boards, Medium articles, Twitter ramblings, and a few more things.

At last, there really is quite a bit more to my life. The purpose, however, I am not yet enlightened to. But I am getting there and it is being revealed to me, slowly but surely. Should you be lucky enough, it’ll come to you. It has yet to come to me.